Brand Image Concept

Brand Image

Brand Image Concept

Brand Image Concept

Which means the consumer carries the brand image (BI) reveals the brand image. When compared to competitor brands, it is seen that the brand distinguishes the brand from the other brands and the consumers are the ones who think about the brand. The (BI) of the consumer is formed in the form of perception of the sum of the information obtained from various sources related to the brand.

Knowing how consumers perceive their brand is important for businesses’ brand marketing methods. As businesses grow and spread to different destinations, the direct accessibility of brands to consumers has diminished. Businesses frequently use the reflection of the brand identity they try to create in the marketing arena as a brand image perception in the consumer’s mind. Brand image and brand identity are similar to each other. In terms of communication, image and identity are separated from each other. The image that the consumer perceives about the brand and the identity, the message the operator wants to give to the brand, consists of the associations that are desired to be awakened in the consumer.

The brand image is one of the associative set of the consumer. For example, the connotations of a restaurant brand that serves food and beverages consisting solely of chicken products in the consumer; chicken, restaurant concept, color, food, restaurant brand emblem can be. Acquisition of one or more imgen in the mind creates the brand image. The (BI) also affects the consumer’s experience. The emotional perception of the consumer is formed by the reliable (BI) that is the quality of the product. The positive image of the consumer mind leads to the superiority of the brand over the market competitors and the brand loyalty. The visual associations related to the brand make it easier for the consumer to remember the product by placing it in the visual memory. The visual perception that comes to mind is linked to the brand name and product.

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