1. Ad

Companies are advised to use tactical ads instead of image ads. Furthermore, they can also be preferred: tactical advertising for changing competitor attacks, brand characteristics, qualities and methods; image ad for a consistent brand message.

2. Sponsors and Supports

Make sure that all sponsorship activities of any common marking associated with the brand are in line with the brand character of the support provided by stakeholders and individuals

3. Promosyon on

Please note that frequent discounts and promotions will damage the brand image. Please ensure that your co-branded promotions are relevant to your customer base and to be in harmony with your brand.

4. Packaging & Design

In brand positioning, the design is becoming increasingly important and a strategic competitive advantage, as a truly attractive design creates an emotional force.

5. Channel Management, CRM, Internet

In terms of distribution channels, be careful when entrusting your brand to other partners. Make sure that these channels properly identify your brand. Focus on fighting other brands on the market.

brand management1

6. Public Relations

Public relations is a good resource for brand building. Use any public relations opportunity you can use to market your brand name.

7. Collective Organizations

Events organized by your company or by a subcontracted activity firm are a good way to upgrade your brand’s profile.

8. Physical Properties

Even your offices and buildings represent your brand, so make sure they are parallel and appropriate with the consumer perception you want.

9. Product Performance and Development

Products and services must be of the highest quality for a strong branding. It should also be renewed according to the requirements of the day.

10. Services

Low-quality service can permanently damage the brand. Continuous education is therefore essential for the monitoring and development of such services.

11. IK, Employee Attitude and Brand Culture

In order to improve brand performance, if employees are to be well-behaved, company culture should attract employees. All aspects of Human Resources and development should be involved.

12. Ear to Ear

One of the most powerful ways of branding is the suggestions of satisfied customers from ear to ear.

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