Digital Marketing Strategies

Globalization causing the world to become a single market is a result of the technological developments and changes. Companies have tried to incorporate the new technologies through making efforts in order to gain competitive advantage in the fierce competition environment. Therefore, there has occurred digitalization in other fields after the digitalization of the commercial activities.

After Internet is started to be used for commercial transactions, there has arisen various differences in the perspective of marketing science on the market. The market is not today the old one when considering the Internet. Companies are not required to open stores everywhere in a city or street in order to access to the target audiences. Today consumers can easily access brands, products, services and information through digital marketing tools and activities whenever and wherever they want.

Digital marketing refers to maintaining commercial activities through using Internet, mobile and other interactive platforms rather than traditional media tools such as TV, radio and magazine in order to support and promote the brand and work. Digital marketing can also be defined as the interactive marketing, online marketing, e-marketing and web marketing.

There are some important important objects that affect main strategy of digital marketing.

Customer Segment

There is vital some key points. Knowledge about gathering of people inclinations, interests and decisions. There is a total statistic and psychographic review. In digital marketing age, companies use custom tools, platforms and strategies to reach each potential customer by using mobile technologies. The customer can be segmented as high actual customer. For example, the customer that has made a decision to buy, potential customer. As well as thsese segmentatiton, traditional segmentations like demographic, geographic psychographic and behavioral have used for supporting digital marketing. This will help refine to intended interest group and furthermore encourage in creating hostile to spam instrument. Moreover, it will permit to fragment the gathering of people and send over crucial messages that will drive engagement; a definitive objective.

Businesses and marketers need to stay away from (negative) political, religious, ethnic, or any cultural bias that could be termed as controversial. A slight mistake can lead to a big PR disaster and loss of all the system balance of the socail advertisiment.

Privacy And Security

Security is an exceptionally touchy area as it is best worry of the web era. On the chance that doing some showcasing by means of online networking. A few organizations remove Facebook and LinkedIn information to construct their email crusades. This is a front line sword and obliges consideration regarding center concerns. Only a guarantee of not spamming won’t not be sufficient, it has to give withdraw choice with each message to convey.

Transparency And Clarity

The recent studies show that in over fiftyfive countries, people up to sixty percent trust on digital advertisiments and social media for deciding to get new property. There is a overwhelmingly trust on recomendation on web becuse of expactation of transperancy and clarity. Increased trust in other forms of advertising has occurred during the past years because advertisers understand that in a socially connected world, there are more people sharing their opinions about marketing. Search engines are affected from social media during reveal the results from searching. There is direct influence with popularity on social media and top level result on search engines. Clear and transparent data affect related brand directly on digital marketing and level on searching results. The manupulating affect from outside is possible, that is calling as search engine optimization.


  1. Security and Privacy Preserving in Social Networks -Richard Chbeir, Bechara Al Bouna, 2013
  2. Security and Privacy Preserving in Social Networks -Richard Chbeir, Bechara Al Bouna, 2013
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