Evolution of Brands

Brands on Social Media

Businesses prefer the efficiency of personalized ads and targeting opportunities of social media marketing to traditional marketing platforms. Brands should approach social media as not a sales channel but a support for it through increasing brand awareness and quality. Social media is free for everyone including brands and even though they have media planning expenditures it still decreases the overall marketing budget required to reach consumers.

Use of social media has some clear functions for a fashion brand such as encouraging everyone to look and have an idea of the brand even if they aren’t looking to buy. This encouragement provides the consumers with the trendiness and style quality, product and price range, positioning of the brand and an understanding of how other peers perceive the brand. The essential use of social media for brands is to inform consumers about the products and services provided, who they are and what they have to offer, it has become important for brands to be involved in social media.

Evolution of Brands

Brands that chose to be active in social media evolved to find their voice. This platform, gradually becoming followed by not only the target audience but by people who seek entertainment and other things online. The term ‘brand’ is naturally associated with companies that have products and services people can purchase but a social media brand has become much more complex than that. Social media creates its own brands.

Many popular social media accounts which started off without an economical expectation started turning into businesses. They became influencers that brands go to advertise their products. If a brand has a strong personality and the consumers can relate to it, there is a greater chance that the brand will become their first choice of during purchase.

The businesses have noticed that the shift to virtual world of marketing isn’t the end. The trends keep growing and changing platforms. Today businesses use 6% of their budget to social media advertising and the share is expected to grow to 18% over 5 years. (The CMO Survey, 2018)

There are multiple reasons why brands are using social media advertising. The usage rates of platforms were mentioned. Reaching the desired population is easy. The reach is as important reason as size. There is no other way to reach over 260 million global Facebook users. Brands may learn the risks of being able to reach great numbers with just a click by experience or books but the transparency of social media isn’t as easy to learn. However, crowded and noisy social media may be, every brand is in dialog with its targeted audience. Which means the receiver is aware of the brand sending the message in terms of language, tone, promise, product and character. The result of this two-way awareness is transparency. The brand has to be genuine for the consumers’ respect and ‘subscription’.

Growth of internet usage has had a mutually enhancing effect on social platforms and websites. By adding a link to their social media platforms, the consumer is invited into a more personalized world from the website and vice versa. This relationship contributes in the growth of e-wom. The overall reason is of course branding convenience that the social media provides.


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