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Social Marketing

How to Utilize Social Media to Promote Your Brand?

What is Social Media? Social media is the name given to all of the Internet based tools providing social communication and interaction through gathering the contents produced by people and


Online Advertising

Online Advertising Online advertising is also called online marketing because it uses the reach of the internet to communicate its promotional message. Evolution of Online Marketing Marketers have relied on


Evolution of Brands

Brands on Social Media Businesses prefer the efficiency of personalized ads and targeting opportunities of social media marketing to traditional marketing platforms. Brands should approach social media as not a


The Role Of Social Media On Marketing Activities

Social media marketing is the use of social media networks to promote and market a product or a service with a way to reach potential customers and interact with current


Social Media Marketing Strategies

To create a specific Social Media Marketing plan for executing SMM actions, the first step is to set goals and objectives in “SMART Approach”. Specific: Establish the goals on questions;