Tools of Online Marketing

Online marketing can be defined as the activities performed in order to provide information about companies, products, services and brands to the customers via Internet. Online marketing introduces alternatives for companies to access to the new markets. It can be evaluated as a marketing strategy providing new opportunities for companies to access to more customers with few costs.

Tools of Online Marketing

Websites Marketing

Today most of the companies recognize the necessity of website. Company website could provide information about company to the customers, and also help customers to interact with the company easily, quickly and cheaply.

In order to market the product or service, the website should be designed professionally because professional sites give always trust and the use of these sites increases. There are some criteria websites to be professional as follows.

  • Speed: Slow websites bother and take away users from the
  • Active Links: All links used in the website should be active. If these links are not active, it creates distrust on
  • Advertisements: Websites should not use advertisements of other sites as much as
  • Music: Music can slow down the speed of the website and also bother the users.
  • Contact Information: Users should access all kinds of contact information easily in the website. Moreover, they should access the information about company and
  • Updating: Website’s always being updated is so Users visit updated sites more frequently.
  • Simplicity: The website should be clean, simple and pure. Today big websites try to simplify

Database Marketing

Database marketing is the marketing efforts developed as a result of pursuing, processing and analysing the data on purchasing behaviour based on the demographic, social, economic, cultural and political data of current and potential customers through information technologies.

Database marketing is a marketing approach using marketing media, sales power and other marketing communication channels, helping the target group of the company to develop, saving, updating and using all information related with both current and potential customers in computer, in this way providing close relations with customers.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail is sending a text or document written in computer to another computer as signal through a line the computers connected to. People can transmit the messages they want to send quickly and in a short time via this way.

Viral Marketing

Consumers form the target group of mass communication, while they are in a nonverbal and informal communication network among them. This communication type is named as the word of mouth communication that is known as an important impression factor on people’s knowledge, feelings and doings by years. Word of mouth communication has the feature of affecting awareness, perception, expectations, attitudes and behaviours.

Viral marketing can be defined as a word of mouth marketing strategy which is enriched by networks. In other words, viral marketing can be defined as the tactic aimed for the content at reaching to the determined target group most effectively and intimately through using social media and other organic communication channels.

There are some benefits and risks of viral marketing as follows:

  • Benefits
    • A successful viral marketing campaign could bring in large numbers of customers and create valuable exposure from the
    • Once the company has made the initial investment, the message spreads without any effort on company’s part, meaning that the company is getting essentially free
    • The company could experience both short-term and long-term gains as people visit the site to find out more, become customers or recall the memorable campaign down the
  • Risks
    • Viral marketing is incredibly uncertain and the company could never be sure that a campaign will spread as intended, there is no guarantee that the company will get returns on the
    • The company has no control over the content once it is released, meaning that anyone could distort or modify it. Similarly, negative content may spread without
    • If the target market is not responsive to the message, the campaign will fail and may generate negative publicity.

Search Engines Marketing

Search engines are web-based software. The goal of the search engines is scanning and finding the websites comprising the words searched by users. Finding searched information in millions of websites is a so hard thing. The duty of the search engines is simplifying this process for users.

Marketing activities conducted through using search engines is defined as search engine marketing (SEM). Search engine marketing is a way used to access to the customers through using paid services of search engines. This type of marketing method is the easiest way to access to the target group. Search engine marketing is an online marketing method which aims at promoting the ranking of websites in the search engine’s scan results page which can make a website introduce into more web users and website traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Social media that is the online platforms enabling interaction, communication and content share, can be defined as establishing dialogues by people on an online platform. As another definition, social media is the whole of applications enabling content share and one-to-one and group conversations such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

There are some benefits and risks of social media marketing as follows:

  • Benefits
    • Companies could have personal and immediate contact with their customers. Engaging with people in a social space is conducive to them accepting and remembering the marketing
    • Companies could create a holistic brand image by combining the marketing message with other useful content, conversations, and customer feedback and brand
    • Companies could target their audience precisely and very specifically, resulting in a much higher return on investment and a higher click-through rate to their website or product pages.
    • Social media tools are relatively easy to use, cheaper than traditional media and do not require specialised technical skills.
    • Being online is vital in today’s interconnected world and social media is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to get the brand onto the
  • Risks
    • A poorly managed social media presence could make the company look unprofessional, lazy and out of
    • Every comment, reply and piece of content the company puts on the profile is visible for a very long time. If considerable care is not taken, this visibility can act against the
    • Because customers and critics could engage with the brand openly, the company no longer has full control over the marketing
    • The target market may not respond to the social media channels at all, resulting in a lot of wasted time and
    • Because social media is a leisure-time activity, the audience may resent pushy or obvious marketing


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