Traditional Marketing Communication Tools

Communication is one of the four elements of marketing mix, also known as promotion. Companies engage with the customers about the brands and products to sell in a direct or indirect way with an intention to persuade them to buy. Building positive communication with the customer is more demanding and more critical rather than developing a successful product or putting an advantageous price on a product for both customer and business. A company does not have such a chance to let the promotion activities go. This critical procedure is usuallydone with advanced tools included in the promotion mix. This includes various activities in a blend such as:

Figure: Marketing Communication Promotion Mix


Every paid form of communication with the potential users of a product or service in a promotive way. Advertising used with every possible media to send its message to the target via printed publications, visual media, internet, radio, posters, sponsorships etc. Paying to place the ad provides strict control over the advertisement’s design, display time, location and media tool to send your message.

Personal Selling

Salesperson interacts customer personally, with the ambition to make a sale and building customer relations to create brand loyalty. On the pre- purchase interaction, salesperson deliversamessage to communicate with the customer. However a person in charge of sale can deliver different messages to many different customers, it varies individually which may affect the idea and intent of customer for purchasing the product or service. Salespeople play a key role in the formation of longterm buyer-seller relationships. As the primary link between the buying and selling firns, they have considerable influence on the buyer’s perceptions of the seller’s reliability and the value of the seller’s services and consequently the buyer’s interest in continuing the relationship.

Public Relations

The actions of an individual or organization to build valuable relations with the public through obtaining positive publicity and establishing friendly image on the business. Like advertising, the message can be put on the desired media tool such as visual or printed media. Although there is no charge to pay for space, design or time, this does not make the message and its delivery free or specific to the conveyor. The costs included in the production of the PR material and the message is spread with a support of a third-party.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotions are designed for different purposes and different target audiences: retailer, trade and consumer. Retailer promotions are offered by retailers to consumers to increase sales for the item, category or store. Trade promotions are offered to members of the channel distribution (called the trade) and are designed to stimulate the channel members to offer promotions to consumers (retailer promotions) or the channel member’s customers. Consumer promotions are offered directly to consumers by manufacturers and are designed to stimulate the consumer to make a purchase at some point close to the time of the receipt of the consumer promotion. Periodic and short-term encouragements for motivating the customer group to purchase the products or services. These encouragements are activities such as making a discount on the sale price of a product – service, giving free samples away or vouchers and coupons for a free product or service, social media contests or giveaways to the followers of the brand’s social media account.

Direct and Digital Marketing

Establishing a direct communication with the target individual customers and customer groups to deliver particular messages and building a relationship with them based on mutual immediate feedbacks. A direct wayto approach aims to create one-on-one connection and partnership with every customer who had contacted directly. On the other hand, theinternet is a communication channel that fits the definition of direct marketing which allows communicating between the business and the customer.


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